Testing & Integration

O-RAN ALLIANCE supports its Members and Contributors in testing and integration of their O-RAN solutions

O-RAN Testing and Integration Focus Group (TIFG) defines O-RAN ALLIANCE’s overall approach to testing and integration, including:

  • Test & integration specifications
  • Profiles to facilitate O-RAN productization, operationalization and commercialization
  • Approaches to meet general requirements
  • Processes for performing integration and solution verification
  • Criteria and Guidelines for Open Testing and Integration Centre

PlugFests and Proofs of Concept


O-RAN PlugFests support the ecosystem players in testing and integration of their implementations, ensuring the openness and interoperability of O-RAN solutions from different providers.

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Open Testing & Integration Centres (OTIC)

Open Testing and Integration Centres (OTIC) provide a collaborative, open, and impartial working environment. OTICs are vendor-independent, open and qualified physical spaces in order to:

Each OTIC application is carefully reviewed according to Criteria and Guidelines for OTIC, published among O-RAN specifications. Approved OTICs are authorized to issue Certificates or Badges in the O-RAN Certification and Badging Program.

Please contact any OTIC for additional details on testing, integration, cooperation, or any other offered services and activities:

O-RAN Certification and Badging Program

Certification and Badging of O-RAN solutions represents a comprehensive mechanism ensuring confidence in the O-RAN solutions for both operator and vendor communities. Certificates and Badges of O-RAN solutions are issued by Open Testing and Integration Centres (OTIC).

of Conformance

Conformance certification is defined as a verification of compliance of the Devices under Test (DUT) to O-RAN interface or reference design specifications, using O-RAN Conformance test specifications.



Interoperability badging is defined as an assessment of interoperability of pairs of Devices under Test (DUT), which are implemented according to O-RAN interface specifications, using O-RAN Interoperability Test (IoT) specifications.


E2E System
Integration Badge

E2E system integration badging is defined as an assessment of end-to-end system integration of groups of Devices under Test (DUT), which are implemented according to O-RAN interfaces, using O-RAN E2E test specifications.

Certification and Badging Catalogue