Testing & Integration

O-RAN ALLIANCE supports its Members and Contributors in testing and integration of their O-RAN solutions

O-RAN Testing and Integration Focus Group (TIFG) defines O-RAN ALLIANCE’s overall approach to testing and integration, including:

  • Test & integration specifications
  • Profiles to facilitate O-RAN productization, operationalization and commercialization
  • Approaches to meet general requirements
  • Processes for performing integration and solution verification
  • Criteria and Guidelines for Open Testing and Integration Centre

PlugFests and Proofs of Concept


O-RAN PlugFests support the ecosystem players in testing and integration of their implementations, ensuring the openness and interoperability of O-RAN solutions from different providers.

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Open Testing & Integration Centres (OTIC)

Open Testing and Integration Centres (OTIC) provide a collaborative, open, and impartial working environment. OTICs are vendor-independent, open and qualified physical spaces in order to:

Each OTIC application is carefully reviewed according to Criteria and Guidelines for OTIC, published among O-RAN specifications. The following laboratories have been qualified as OTICs. Please contact any OTIC directly for additional details on testing, integration, cooperation, or any other offered services and activities.

Certification and Badging

Certification and Badging of O-RAN solutions represents a comprehensive mechanism ensuring confidence in the O-RAN solutions for both the operator as well as the vendor community.

of Conformance

Conformance certification is defined as a verification of compliance of the Devices under Test (DUT) to O-RAN interface or reference design specifications, using O-RAN Conformance test specifications.



Interoperability badging is defined as an assessment of interoperability of pairs of Devices under Test (DUT), which are implemented according to O-RAN interface specifications, using O-RAN Interoperability Test (IoT) specifications.


E2E System
Integration Badge

E2E system integration badging is defined as an assessment of end-to-end system integration of groups of Devices under Test (DUT), which are implemented according to O-RAN interfaces, using O-RAN E2E test specifications.

Certification and Badging Catalogue