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Kyrio O-RAN Test and Integration Lab

General information:

Full name of OTIC:  Kyrio O-RAN Test and Integration Lab
Correspondence address: 858 Coal Creek Cir, Louisville, CO 80027, USA
Link to OTIC web site:
E-mail address:

The Kyrio O-RAN Test and Integration Lab is hosted by CableLabs, a member of O-RAN ALLIANCE since 2018.

An open and multi-vendor ecosystem is at the heart of everything we do at CableLabs.  We have a strong history of holding interoperability events for the telecom industry.  Starting with interoperability events for DOCSIS, the specification owned by CableLabs, we now host events for optical technologies, Wi-Fi technologies, and most recently CBRS and SAS interoperability for 3GPP based technologies.    

CableLabs/Kyrio has been selected by the NTIA to host an industry-based 5G Challenge established to measure the maturity of ORAN vendor capability and compliance with ORAN standards.

CableLabs/Kyrio provides the highest-quality testing services, software systems, and professional services for businesses connecting people, places, and devices. Our state-of-the-art 17,000+ square foot lab and 5,000+ square foot test house include extensive investment in robust wired and wireless test equipment. 

Our lab Quality Management System (QMS) meets the ISO 17025 requirements as described in this section. This Management System clearly defines the organizational structure with regard to the Energy, Wireless, and CBRS Labs, the responsibilities of each personnel, and the quality control procedures for maintaining quality and accuracy. Wireless Technologies group utilizes the RF anechoic chamber to conduct research and development of various Wireless technologies and Wi-Fi, CTIA standards. The RF Anechoic Chamber is used to make accurate performance analysis of Wi-Fi Access Points either for member deployments or other research and development processes. In addition, our CBRS lab is used for making accurate radio frequency (RF) measurements of CBSD and UE in accordance with the following test procedures:

  • WINNF-TS- 0122 test plan v1.0.0
  • ANSI C63.26 - 2005

Moreover, our lab has 25 years of testing CPE and Network Access equipment. Having tested over 1,500 products for the broadband industry, Kyrio is the only lab accredited by CableLabs to perform HFC Certification and Qualification Testing.  Kyrio tests and helps develop technology solutions that create faster, better, and more secure marketplaces so businesses can thrive. Kyrio brings the credibility and reliability our business customers need in order to have confidence in their network solutions.

Decades of communications technology expertise, relationships, and partnerships position Kyrio as the most trusted source for network equipment testing and software services. Our deep technology expertise and trusted team of experts allow us to tailor programs.

Full name: Mark Poletti
Telephone number: +1-303-661-3885

Fullname: Annie George
Telephonenumber: +1-303 661-3370

Cable Labs

Supported work and scope of services:

CableLabs together with its subsidiary Kyrio, provide subsystem, system, interoperability, and performance testing services in a laboratory environment. 

In addition, Kyrio provides device manufacturers with automated, remote, and flexible test capabilities for the full product development lifecycle. With over 1500 devices certified, resulting in 2.3 billion units shipped since 2001, Kyrio is the most trusted source for network equipment testing and software services. We employ global standards to test devices in real network environments to ensure that customers’ devices and their subsequent release updates, are each high-quality, giving them a competitive edge.