Open & Intelligent Software for the Radio Access Networks

The O-RAN Software Community is a collaboration between the O-RAN Alliance and Linux Foundation with the mission to support the creation of software for the Radio Access Network.

The O-RAN Software initiatives are focused on aligning a software reference implementation with the O-RAN Alliance's open architecture and specifications. The aim is to achieve a solution that can be utilised to unify and accelerate the evolution and deployment in the RAN. The community has been setup to promote open source but also to address wireless technology support for essential patents.

To achieve this two projects were created

O-RAN Software Community

The O-RAN Software Community is a Linux Foundation project supported and funded by O-RAN to lead the implementation of the O-RAN specifications in Open Source. The project leverages the Apache 2.0 License.

O-RAN Specification Code Project

The O-RAN Specification Code Project is an O-RAN Alliance project. Its objective is to allow contributions that will acknowledge essential patents. The project leverages the O-RAN Software License.

Both projects are managed by the project’s Technical Oversight Committee (TOC). Please visit the wiki for TOC meeting information

Contributor License Agreements

To contribute code under either software project a contributor will be asked to agree to the software Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

The CLAs are managed by Linux Foundation common CLA management platform. Each project license will be handled separately, so contributors can agree to one or both licenses. There is a corporation management function as part of the CLA platform that can support white listing of contributors to simplify contributor management from the same company.

For any questions on the O-RAN Specification Code Project license please email