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Transforming Radio Access Networks Towards Open, Intelligent, Virtualized and Fully Interoperable RAN



Open interfaces and functionsInteroperable RAN ecosystemFaster innovationRunning on white box HW
and supporting virtualization
Leveraging Open Source SW

O-RAN ALLIANCE is committed to evolving Radio Access Networks with its core principles being intelligence and openness. It aims to drive the mobile industry towards an ecosystem of innovative, multi-vendor, interoperable, and autonomous RAN, with reduced cost, improved performance and greater agility.



Radio Intelligent Controllers
featuring Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning
AI/ML based Service Management
and Orchestration
Automated RAN deployments
and operations to drive efficiency

Empowered by principles of intelligence and openness, the O-RAN Architecture is the foundation for building a virtualized RAN on open hardware and cloud, with embedded AI-powered radio  control.


What We Do



O-RAN specifications and open software are enabling a broad industry ecosystem. Companies of different sizes and specializations can use them to create their innovative and competitive open solutions.

Defining the complex O-RAN Architecture is a step-by-step process resulting in hundreds of technical documents.

Access O-RAN specifications


O-RAN specifications serve as a basis for open software reference design.

The O-RAN Software Community hosts developers brought in by many O-RAN players, cooperating on tens of software projects.

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Testing & Integration

O-RAN Global PlugFests are periodic events organized and co-sponsored by O-RAN ALLIANCE to enable efficient progress of the O-RAN ecosystem through well-organized testing and integration. Vendors and providers come together to test, evaluate and verify their products and solutions.

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Open Testing and Integration Centres (OTIC) offer a collaborative, vendor independent and impartial working environment. OTICs are qualified to issue O-RAN Certificates and Badges.

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O-RAN has been widely adopted by the industry

Mobile network operator commitment


Alex Jinsung Choi

Chairman of the O-RAN ALLIANCE

and SVP Strategy & Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom

"The O-RAN ALLIANCE has rapidly grown from the five founding mobile operators to a broad community of operators and contributors comprising industry leading large vendors, small & medium companies, start-ups and academic institutions. We are proud to welcome such a diversity of members in our joint effort to lead the industry towards next generation open and smart RAN."

O-RAN companies in total


Aligned with the Industry

The O-RAN architecture and specifications build on common RAN standards. Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and industry bodies align with O-RAN ALLIANCE to avoid fragmentation or duplication of efforts. O-RAN specifications are being adopted by ETSI, illustrating the global move towards O-RAN and advancing the O-RAN ALLIANCE’s mission.

ETSI-MSG adopting O-RAN specifications
through the PAS process

ETSI-ZSM for cooperation on automation
and orchestration

ETSI-NFV for cooperation virtualized
environment topics

Aligned with the Industry

The O-RAN Architecture and specifications  build on common 3GPP standards and care about alignment
with other industry bodies to ensure compatibility and to avoid duplication of work.

O-RAN Demonstrations


Demonstrations of O-RAN technology and solutions developed by companies based on O-RAN specifications



Explore O-RAN trials, deployments, PlugFests or Open Testing and Integration Centres (OTIC) in the world

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