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Testing & Integration

Certification and Badging

Japan OTIC

General information:

Full name of OTIC:  Japan OTIC

Correspondence address: 3-4 Hikarinooka, Yokosuka-city, Kanagawa-pref.  Japan, 239-0847

TheJapan OTIC is jointly hosted by four O-RAN members (i.e. Mobile operators) inJapan (KDDI, NTT DOCOMO, Rakuten Mobile, SoftBank) and YRP R&D PromotionCommittee which is a contributor (academic contributor/other non-profit makingorganization).
Japan OTIC is located in Yokosuka Research Park area which is the biggest innovation area of radio communication/wireless technologies in Japan, and several mobile operators, leading companies and public research institute have R&D centers in the park.
The purpose of Japan OTIC is to contribute to the Open RAN ecosystem with offering a collaborative, open and impartial testing environment. Japan OTIC also offers testing and certification as part of the O-RAN Certification & Badging program to support smooth Open RAN equipment introduction into Japanese and Global mobile markets.
Japan OTIC plans to communicate with OTICs out of Japan and O-RAN ALLIANCE for sharing obtained know-how and aim to improve test methods. Japan OTIC contributes the O-RAN ecosystems in the area of 5G and beyond.


Full name: Yushi, Torigoe
Telephone number: +81-46-854-5267
Responsibilities/ duties: OTIC reference contact person

Full name: Hidekazu, Tanaka
Telephone number: +81-46-854-5267
Responsibilities/ duties: OTIC reference contact person


KDDI, NTT DOCOMO, Rakuten Mobile, SoftBank and YRP R&D Promotion Committee

Supported work and scope of services:

Japan OTIC plans to offer extensive and comprehensive testing services in a laboratory environment to our clients.

Japan OTIC provides subsystem, interoperability and system testing in laboratory environment, and also O-RAN conformance certification, interoperability badging testing based on O-RAN tests specifications. The OTIC also hosts O-RAN PlugFest.