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Testing & Integration

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European OTIC in Paris

General information

Full name of OTIC: European OTIC in Paris
Correspondence address: 44 Avenue de la République, Châtillon, France, 92320
E-mail address:

As a founding member of O-RAN ALLIANCE, Orange is hosting and sponsoring the European OTIC in Paris. Orange is one of the world’s leading operators with operations in 26 countries.

Open RAN is the next major evolution of Radio Access Networks. Orange believes it is a strong opportunity for existing and emerging actors to develop O-RAN based products and services. Orange is fully committed for the success of O-RAN concepts.

In its OTIC, Orange will offer testing capabilities to RAN vendors who would need to test the conformance of their O-RAN products and the interoperability to third party vendors’ products. Orange may also help vendors for the integration of their solution in E2E 5G SA/NSA chains deployed in our lab. This lab will help the RAN vendors’ ecosystem to develop and to get products being on par with the traditional approach.

The activities and testing areas of the European OTIC in Paris are coordinated with other European OTICs to be complementary and offer wide range of services to partners and clients in Europe.


Full Name: Guy Salingue
Telephone number: +33671580487
Responsibilities / duties: Lab manager

Full Name: Christian Gallard
Telephone number: +33630330234
Responsibilities / duties: Lab coordinator


Orange SA

Supported work scope and services

Orange test and integration center enables a wide range of lab tests including conformance, interoperability and E2E testing (as well as security tests), based on O-RAN tests specifications. The lab can be used in order to help and improve the development of O-RAN products by vendors. If needed for some specific tests, an anechoic chamber can also be made available. Experts will help in the different phases of the tests: integration of the product in the testbed, definition of the test specifications, debug, analysis of the results… The lab is ready to host O-RAN PlugFest.