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North American OTIC at MITRE

General information:

Full name of OTIC: North American OTIC at MITRE

Correspondence address: 202 Burlington Road, Bedford, MA 01730, USA

E-mail address:

The North American OTIC at MITRE in McLean, Virginia and Bedford, Massachusetts is hosted by MITRE Corporation, a member of O-RAN Alliance since 2021. The lab’s aim is to advance wireless communications for MITRE’s US Government, partners, and commercial customers through O-RAN Alliance specified interoperability and security testing.

To support and evaluate these new use cases and vertical markets, such as spectrum sharing challenges, MITRE has acquired multiple 5G systems, including both 5G NSA and SA networks, and state-of-the art O-RAN test equipment. Another key part of MITRE’s 5G Lab is significant investments in multi-vendor O-RAN components including multiple Near-RT RICs, CUs, DUs, and RUs which can be leveraged to advance interoperability amongst multi-vendor solutions.

The MITRE facilities will encourage increased collaboration between the North American OTICs and offer an open, collaborative, and impartial testing environment. MITRE’s experience at the intersection of government and commercial wireless communications will enable the OTICs to address challenges in the public interest, challenges that ORAN is well suited to address through secure open interoperable networks. As a member of the O-RAN Alliance, MITRE will aim to improve O-RAN Alliance test specifications through lessons learned and data driven analysis.


Name: Peter Pacheco
Telephone number: +1-781-271-2802
Responsibilities/ duties: 5G Test Infrastructure Project Lead

Name: Connor Freeberg
Telephone number: +1-571-425-3702
Responsibilities/ duties: O-RAN Outcome Lead


MITRE Corporation