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European OTIC in Berlin

General information

Full name of OTIC: European OTIC in Berlin

Correspondence address: i14y Lab, Winterfeldtstrasse 21, 10781 Berlin, Germany E-mail address:  info@i14y-lab.com

The European OTIC in Berlin is a part of the Integration Lab hosted by Deutsche Telekom, founder member of O-RAN ALLIANCE and one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies. We believe in Openness, Inspiration, Collaboration and Sharing! And we believe the telco infrastructure of the future will be based on disaggregation. At our OTIC, we provide high-quality and comprehensive testing for our clients who bring their O-RAN-based products and solutions. If required, we can also assist clients with resources for the integration and development of their O-RAN based products and solutions. We offer a custom designed, state of the art testing facility. If you are developing components or solutions for network disaggregation, it  is  the perfect environment for  you  to test, validate  and integrate your solutions. The activities and  focus areas are coordinated to be complementary to other European OTICs so we ensure the wide strange of services are on offer to clients.


Telephone number: +49 175 9303139
E-mail:  info@i14y-lab.com
Responsibilities / duties: Information about lab, testing, services


Deutsche Telekom AG
Winterfeldtstrasse 21, 10781 Berlin, Germany

Supported work scope and services

Conduct your complete testing program with us. We offer a broad range of testing services to our clients and partners. We provide subsystem, system and interoperability testing in a laboratory environment as well as field setups. The quality and performance of new products during design and development can be also verified and checked in our OTIC. The expert support includes results interpretation, troubleshooting, root cause analysis and consultancy services. The services can also be customized and combined. You can choose specific individual tests or complete packages. To find out more about our OTIC services, please contact us for a personalized consultation.