Testing & Integration

OTIC Catalogue

The following laboratories have been qualified as Open Test and Integration Centers (OTIC).
Please contact any OTIC directly for additional details on testing, integration, cooperation, or any other offered services and activities.

North American OTIC in NYC Metro Area/East (COSMOS)

The North American OTIC in NYC Metro Area/East (COSMOS) is jointly hosted by Rutgers University/WINLAB and AT&T.

Japan OTIC

The Japan OTIC is jointly hosted by KDDI, NTT DOCOMO, Rakuten Mobile, SoftBank and YRP R&D Promotion Committee.

European OTIC in Madrid

The European OTIC in Madrid is hosted by Telefonica, member of the O-RAN ALLIANCE, and global operator present in Europe and Latin America.

European OTIC in Torino

The European OTIC in Torino is hosted and sponsored by TIM, member of O-RAN ALLIANCE since 2018, the main fixed and mobile operator in Italy, with subsidiary company also in Brazil.

European OTIC in Berlin

The European OTIC in Berlin is a part of the Integration Lab hosted by Deutsche Telekom, founder member of O-RAN ALLIANCE and one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies.

European OTIC in Paris

As a founding member of O-RAN ALLIANCE, Orange is hosting and sponsoring the European OTIC in Paris.

Auray OTIC and Security lab

Auray OTIC and Security Lab, the main business of Auray Technology Corp., which is a SME contributor of O-RAN ALLIANCE, is a third-party test laboratory focusing on communication technology with cross-disciplinary expansion and integration services in Taiwan.

Asia & Pacific OTIC in PRC

The Asia&Pacific OTIC in PRC is a part of the Integration Lab hosted by ZhongGuanCun (ZGC) Academy of Mobile Communication Innovation (ZAMI), a construction of China's national science and technology innovation center in Beijing, where O-RAN ALLIANCE's founding member China Mobile is one of the founders providing support and guidance to ZAMI.

Kyrio O-RAN Test and Integration Lab

The Kyrio O-RAN Test and Integration Lab is hosted by CableLabs, a member of O-RAN ALLIANCE since 2018. CableLabs/Kyrio provides the highest-quality testing services, software systems, and professional services for businesses connecting people, places, and devices. Our state-of-the-art 17,000+ square foot lab and 5,000+ square foot test house include extensive investment in robust wired and wireless test equipment.