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  • Validation of O-DU O-CU Combo using software-based Simnovus O-RU Simulator on a COTS platform like Dell R750 - Simnovus showcases the fully software-based O-RU simulator running on a Dell R750, simulating multiple O-RUs and UEs to verify the functionality and capacity of an O-DU and O-CU. An easy-to-use web interface will help configure and execute several test cases and analyze the results quickly, thereby accelerating RAN validation.
    Visit the demo at Simnovus, West Hall Ground Floor, Booth 821
  • Spirent O-RU Wraparound Solution including Live Video Teleconference with a Real Commercial Device - Spirent demonstrates O-RU wraparound performance testing by emulating a real-time UE, O-DU, O-CU, and core to evaluate O-RU performance as in the live network. Spirent’s O-RU test solution is the first and only O-RU solution that can emulate all real components and test with any commercial device or application.
    Visit the demo at Spirent, West Hall Ground Floor, Booth 938
  • O-CU Wraparound Testing - Spirent demonstrates O-CU wraparound performance testing by emulating the core network, RU, DU, and the user. A common user interface controls all elements surrounding the CU under test. The Spirent solution provides flexibility, scalability, and high performance for easy replication of live network conditions, patterns, and scale in the lab.
    Visit the demo at Spirent, West Hall Ground Floor, Booth 938
  • Spirent O-RAN End-to-End Test Solution - Spirent demonstrates its End-to-End Open RAN test solution by surrounding a functional O-RAN system under test, which includes an O-RU, O-DU, and O-CU from different vendors. Spirent emulates the core network, user, and RF channel conditions, while a common user interface controls all the elements of the integrated solution.
    Visit the demo at Spirent, West Hall Ground Floor, Booth 938
  • Spirent O-RAN RIC Wraparound Testing - Evaluating the A1 Interface - Spirent demonstrates how their emulator can thoroughly evaluate a RIC by simulating auxiliary network operations. For instance, Spirent can test a near-real-time RIC by simulating CUs, DUs, and the non-real-time RIC. Spirent will emphasize non-real-time RIC emulation in this demonstration to assess the A1 interface. There are a variety of adaptable setups available, like this one.
    Visit the demo at Spirent, West Hall Ground Floor, Booth 938
  • Spirent O-DU Wraparound Test Solution - Spirent demonstrates how its O-DU solution enables practical testing of O-DU components in a software-centric environment. Spirent's market-leading CU and core emulation capabilities are integrated into a single user interface that manages all functional, performance, and capacity testing aspects. This demonstration takes you through the solution and provides an overview of the interface, reporting, and capabilities.
    Visit the demo at Spirent, West Hall Ground Floor, Booth 938

View additional demos showcased at the O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Intelligent RAN Control Demonstrations
  • Accurate Uplink Channel Prediction with Aira’s xApp running on VMware Distributed RIC - Aira Technologies demonstrates its channel prediction xApp powered by VMware Distributed RIC. Aira’s xApp uses data gathered through O-RAN E2 Nodes' interfaces and AI/ML to accurately predict the evolution of the channel and boost MU-MIMO efficiency, resulting in increased throughputs, expanded cell ranges and reduced power consumption.
  • RAN Energy Management Through AI/ML Modeling - AirHop Communications demonstrates its Energy Savings rApp powered by VMware Centralized RIC. AirHop’s rApp leverages AI-based learning, O1 interface data and RAN programmability to predict traffic changes in the network and intelligently turn off/on RAN elements in the capacity carrier only when needed and without compromising user’s experience.
  • Aspire Governance rApp: AI-driven RAN performance anomaly detection, powered by VMware Centralized RIC - Aspire demonstrates its anomaly detection rApp running on VMware Centralized RIC. Aspire’s rApp extracts specific PM and CM KPIs and compares their value with AI/ML models to provide early identification of degradations produced by user/application-introduced changes in the network; allowing faster resolution of issues leading to application operating efficiency
  • Improving QoE using O-RAN compliant nearRT-RIC, KPM v03.00 and RC v01.03 SMs in an online multi-player game - EURECOM demonstrates monitoring and control capabilities of the end-to-end near real-time cellular network, using COTS UE, OAI DU, OAI CU and FlexRIC, an O-RAN compliant nearRT-RIC. This demo showcases how QoE is improved using the latest O-RAN available Service Models (i.e., KPM v3.00 and RC v1.03) when faced with network congestion.
  • CovMo™ - Cloud Native O-RAN Geolocation Solution and the Seamless Transition to 5G SA - Groundhog demonstrates O-CLOUD and Intelligent RAN control using CovMo™, a cloud-native geo-location solution that detects and mitigate a multitude of challenges currently faced by MNOs including RAN-optimization, VIP-care, and next-generation network rollout strategies. Combining superior accuracy and geo-KPIs, CovMo™ intelligently provides critical insights on the QoS experienced by the subscribers.
  • Intelligent QoE Control in Network Slice ORAN Systems - Lenovo demonstrates rApp-enabled machine learning towards a network slicing-defined Open RAN framework. To achieve this, rApps conduct predictive analysis over network datasets attempting to yield anticipated detection of network-overloaded instances through automatically provisioning network slices with high assertiveness.

  • Bridging ns-3 and O-RAN: a tutorial on ns-O-RAN - Northeastern University presents ns-Open-RAN, integrating a real-world RIC and ns-3 simulated RAN, part of the OpenRAN Gym framework. Researchers and telco operators can use it to build, test, and integrate xApps. The demo covers RIC, xApp connections for KPM, handover management, and extensibility for new use cases.

  • Closed-loop SMO for 5G O-RAN security with operator - NYCU demonstrates its closed-loop security rAPP for O-RAN SMO in cooperation with an operator. The system collects data from RAN and network nodes and checks security risks from open-source library periodically. The system can also issue alerts in time according to different security levels. The system has been verified in the academic field with multiple O-RAN members.
  • Automated network optimization with P.I. Works and VMware - P.I. Works demonstrates how its automatic EXA PCI Optimizer rApp, powered by VMware Centralized RIC, delivers collision and confusion free PCI setting of the network. The rApp applies intelligent algorithms to data provided by O-O1 RAN's interface, delivering cognitive site profiling, user activity awareness, and neighbor relation considerations, to discover and even forecast future PCI issues while automatically carrying out repair measures
  • AI-driven Traffic Forecasting and RAN Resource Autoscaling xApp - VMware and Net AI show how Net AI's xUPscaler xApp, supported by the VMware Distributed RIC, leverages the O-RAN architecture and data collected through the E2 interface to dynamically provision networks' resources in real time and achieve immediate cost and energy savings while enhancing user experience.
Open RAN Demonstrations
  • 5G Radio Unit with 1cm UE Location Accuracy - 5G WIN demonstrates its Smart Radio Unit “Sparq-2025-SRU”, which is an O-RAN-consistent O-RU that can measure the location of 5G user equipment to within 1 cm and harvest data from the cellular network for AI-based application and service training as well as digital twins.

  • O-RAN FEC Lookaside using Open Air Interface (OAI) stack - AccelerComm demonstrates its hardware 5G FEC lookaside engine hosted on an Open Air Interface (OAI) PHY layer.  The demonstration uses the standard O-RAN AAL interface, and highlights the 40% processor resource savings which are achieved by using hardware acceleration, Visit the demo at Hall West - Ground Level Booth 820.
  • RF Signal control for Open RAN testing - Acentury demonstrates how its LAMTA can be used for RF Signal  Distribution and Attenuation control solutions for automating O-RAN test  cases. To achieve this, LAMTA enables complex test cases using real UE  and simulated advanced mobility or RF condition scenarios such as MIMO  and Carrier Aggregation for validating the functionality and performance  of different O-RAN network parameters.

  • Introduction of Artiza Networks' Load and Stress Test Solution DuoSIM-5G - Artiza Networks demonstrates load and stress tests on an O-RAN network using its DuoSIM-5G. The virtual demo shows why load and stress testing is necessary, how they are standardized in O-RAN TIFG E2E Test Specification, and how the system can be deployed as a scalable load and stress test system for the RAN.
  • 5G O-Cloud FCAPS Management - ITRI and COMPAL demonstrate 5G O-RAN system with the O-Cloud FCAPS management functions on Athena Orchestrator based on the O2 interface. In this demonstration, we will present the FCAPS management to manage O-Cloud by communicating with IMS and DMS through the O-RAN O2 interfaces.
  • QoS and Network Slicing enabled R16 O-RAN gNB for Vertical Applications - LIONS showcases QoS and Network slicing support of O-RAN Split 7.2 gNodeB solution. The O-CU, O-DU, Fronthaul gateway, and RU combination support QoS and Network slicing of eMBB and uRLLC cases defined by 3GPP and GSMA. These two features enable vertical and industrial private 5G network to provide differentiated services to various applications with various need in the same wireless network.
  • SageRAN 5G Portfolio - SageRAN demonstrates its  5G base stations, which comprise the Xlink™ Distributed base station, Unity™ Indoor Small Cell and Unity™ Integrated Base Station. SageRAN O-RAN-based integrated base stations offer exceptional speed, extensive coverage, and unwavering stability while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership.