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O-RAN ALLIANCE Demos at MWC Shanghai 2023 Display Range of Innovations in Open Radio Access Networks

O-RAN companies plan to showcase 3 on-site and 15 virtual demonstrations, including innovations such as indoor positioning applications, cloud economics with 5G and AI applications, intelligent RAN control, machine learning load balancing, and energy-efficient network deployment solutions.

The demos reveal the incredible potential of AI in enhancing energy efficiency and load balancing, and demonstrate the ability to effectively validate the security of O-RAN networks. Additionally, there are impressive exhibits featuring energy-efficient technology for indoor network deployment and a comprehensive solution for 5G Radio Unit testing. These groundbreaking advances will revolutionize the telecom industry, reflecting the O-RAN ALLIANCE’s unwavering dedication to fostering a more open, intelligent, and efficient RAN.

The demonstrations, featuring contributions from top tech companies, highlight the O-RAN ALLIANCE's dedication to creating a more open and efficient future RAN. Through the utilization of advanced technologies such as AI, cloud solutions, and machine learning, the O-RAN ALLIANCE is leading the way toward substantial enhancements in network performance, security, and energy efficiency.

Visit O-RAN demonstrations showcased at MWC Shanghai 2023:

  • O-RAN Energy-efficiency technology by Intel and partner in hall N2, stand B13 (TietoEVRY)
  • O-RAN-based integrated base stations by Sageran in hall N1, stand B124 and hall N3, stand E93 (Sageran)
  • O-RAN testing solutions by Rohde & Schwarz, VIAVI Solutions and Baicells in hall N1, stand E90 (Baicells)

Check more demos virtually

Visit the O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Intelligent RAN control demonstrations

Groundhog demonstrates O-Cloud and Intelligent RAN control using CovMo™, a cloud-native geo-location solution that detects and mitigate a multitude of challenges currently faced by MNOs including RAN-optimization, VIP-care, and next-generation network rollout strategies. Combining superior accuracy and geo-KPIs, CovMo™ intelligently provides critical insights on the QoS experienced by the subscribers.

Intel and partner demonstrate energy-efficiency technology in an O-DU consistent with O-RAN specifications. It uses an AI inferencing model xApp in a Near-RT RIC and AI model training in a Non-RT RIC. They achieve energy savings via dynamic power management without any traffic loss. Visit the demo at MWC Shanghai 2023 in hall N2, stand B13 (TietoEVRY).

Inventec demonstrates an indoor positioning rAPP controlled by an SMO in a smart factory resulting in significant improvements over traditional GPS positioning. The solution maintaines optimal performance even with multiple rAPPs running concurrently. Additionally, the performance evaluation was also tested in the Auray OTIC Lab with consistent results.

Lenovo demonstrates a Machine Learning based load balancing solution, xAPP, that dynamically anticipates overload situations and takes traffic steering actions driven by throughput prediction. This demo validates the solution in the RIC platform integrated with an E2 Node Agent software emulator.

VIAVI demonstrates TeraVM RIC Test energy saving. TeraVM RIC Test performs this by running energy saving algorithms from the RAN Intelligent Controller and rApps, therefore performing energy saving instructions. This is valuable to the industry to showcase the tradeoff between energy saved and the possible impact on subscriber experience.

Open RAN demonstrations

ArrayComm demonstrates Open RAN Distributed Small Cells solution, a low-power indoor deployment that requires covering an extended area with seamless handovers. Arraycomm’s RAN runs on Arcadyan servers based on Arm powered chipsets, ensuring that the solution is energy-efficient, and providing advanced features that are essential for indoor deployments.

Artiza Networks demonstrates load and stress tests on an O-RAN network using its DuoSIM-5G. The virtual demo shows why load and stress testing is necessary, how they are standardized in O-RAN TIFG E2E Test Specification, and how the system can be deployed as a scalable load and stress test system for the RAN.

GDCNI demonstrates its RF product with high/middle/low transceiver power, performing interoperability testing with other vendors. GDCNI has rich RAN industrial experience and provides private RAN solutions for coal mines, ports, intelligent manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation, and helps to enrich the O-RAN ecosystem.

LitePoint demonstrates its IQFR1-RU test system designed to validate RF parametric measurements and functional performance of the 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Unit (O-RU) over the split 7.2x interface. The instrument supports 3GPP 5G NR RF downlink and uplink measurements and the O-RAN C/U/M/S-plane functionality necessary for configuring the interface between the test equipment and the O-RU under test.

NVIDIA, Aarna Networks and Radisys demonstrate cloud economics and multi-tenancy with end-to-end 5G network and AI applications hosted on NVIDIA accelerated cloud platform. Using Aarna’s O-RAN based SMO and application orchestrator, this demo showcases O-DU auto-scaling, migration and dynamic management & deployment of AI applications on the same 5G infrastructure.

SageRAN demonstrates its Unity™ 5G Series, which comprises the Unity™ Indoor Small Cell and Unity™ Integrated Base Station. SageRAN O-RAN-based integrated base stations offer exceptional speed, extensive coverage, and unwavering stability while maintaining a lower total cost of ownership. Visit the demo at MWC Shanghai 2023, hall N1, stand B124 (SageRAN) and hall N3, stand E93 (SageRAN).

VIAVI Solutions demonstrates O-RAN Security Testing, showcasing security protocol validation to ensure the security compliance of O-RAN equipment. VIAVI Solutions test Open Fronthaul authentication procedures and check for the requisite settings of the SSH and TLS protocols, which are vital for secure O-RAN deployments.

VIAVI Solutions demonstrates its TM500 Cloud by testing over the O-RAN fronthaul of the O-DU and O-CU deployed in the Cloud. TM500 Cloud is a cloud-deployed test product designed to help engineers ensure their cloud-hosted network components meet performance and quality expectations vital for successful O-RAN deployments.

VIAVI Solutions, Rohde & Schwarz, and Baicells jointly demonstrate O-RAN open fronthaul (OFH) conformance and 3GPP pre-conformance validation of Baicells O-RU. The Baicells O-RU is validated by VIAVI’s automated TM500 O-RU tester with R&S®SMM100A vector signal generator, R&S®FSVA3000 spectrum analyzer and the R&S VSE signal analysis software. The demonstration highlights conformance testing with a single point of control for the entire testbed. Visit the demo at MWC Shanghai 2023, hall N1, stand E90 (Baicells).

Virginia Polytechnical Institute and State University at its Commonwealth Cyber Initiative xG Testbed showcase a closed control loop RAN management using Near- and Non-Real Time RICs . It includes a proof-of-concept rApp capable of generating policies to steer the behavior of xApps, and detail how we extended a RAN slicing xApp to react to such policies, creating the first experimental ML-based RAN slicing platform based on O-RAN and software defined radio.