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At MWC Barcelona 2024, O-RAN ALLIANCE Participants Showcase Advanced Solutions to Improve RAN Performance

O-RAN ALLIANCE participants will present 41 demos of latest improvements to open and intelligent Radio Access Networks (RAN) throughout MWC Barcelona 26-29 February 2024 and at the O-RAN Virtual Exhibition.

The showcased intelligent RAN solutions demonstrate capabilities aiming to improve the RAN performance in traffic steering, energy savings, service quality, spectrum efficiency and network management. Examples include machine learning models for network load balancing, orchestrating applications’ requests for network resources, and private network management.

The latest products and components, based on O-RAN specifications and presented by companies at MWC, demonstrate improved efficiency, security, interoperability, and vendor diversity for mobile network operators.

Many demos illustrate the increased maturity of the O-RAN ecosystem, focusing on O-RAN integration and testing enhancements for RAN Intelligent Controllers (RIC), energy efficiency, security, and testing automation.

Visit O-RAN demos at MWC

O-RAN ALLIANCE published its interactive map of O-RAN demos at MWC to allow easy navigation to the demos at the exhibition. Many of the demos will also be included in the O-RAN Virtual Exhibition, expected to be available at the start of MWC.

O-RAN Demos Presented by Companies at MWC Barcelona 2024

Intelligent RAN Demonstrations

O-RAN Based Computing Native Network

AsiaInfo showcases its O-RAN based Computing Native Network, which allows O-DU/O-CU elements to support both communication and edge computing services simultaneously without extra servers or cards. This innovation offers customers three core benefits: reduced investment, increased resources, and enhanced capability. Visit the demo in Hall 6, Booth 6G55 (AsiaInfo Technologies).

Verification of Interoperability between Energy Saving xApp (ES-xApp) and RAN Intelligent Controller(RIC)

Auray OTIC Lab has developed a tool for testing Near-RT RIC. We have demonstrated testing scenarios for the A1, O1, E2, and xApp interfaces. If widely adopted, this tool could facilitate interoperability testing among various components within O-RAN vendors. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5J64 (Auden Techno).

Qos Based Handover Optimization

Capgemini, Samsung, and VIAVI have collaborated to demonstrate rApp “QoS-based-intelligent-handover-optimization” to perform AI-enabled handover-control-parameter optimization to address handover challenges like too-early, too-late or ping-pong behavior. The performance KPIs like handover-success-failure-rate, call-drops, throughput, and mobility-patterns are analyzed using machine-learning to optimize handover controls like Handover-Margin, RSRP-offset, and Time-to-Trigger to maintain fast-and-seamless connected-mobility improving customer-experience and network-efficiency. Visit the demo in Hall 2, Booth 2M20 (Samsung Electronics Networks).

Automated Network Cell Coverage and Capacity Optimization with Future Connections Spectrum Efficiency rApp

Future Connections demonstrates how their Spectrum Efficiency rApp on VMware RIC optimizes cell coverage and user distribution by reducing the number of overshooting and undershooting offenders. The rApp uses PM and CM data from VMware RIC and geospatial analysis techniques to identify incorrectly configured cells and adjust settings, improving performance. Visit the demo in the Spanish Pavilion in Hall 4, 4C30, Booth 15 (Future Connections).

DeepQoE: Quality of Experience Forecasting xApp, powered by VMware RIC

Net AI and VMware by Broadcom demonstrate DeepQoE, a QoE forecasting xApp. Via VMware RIC, the xApp ingests per-UE throughput and network-level E2 KPIs of attached gNB’s users. Then, its multi-modal forecasting engine predicts the near-time evolution of these KPIs and computes a quality index, which reflects the anticipated UE’s perceived QoE. Visit the demo in Hall 8.0, Booth 8.0D17.8 (Net AI).

Verification of Traffic Steering xApp (TS-xApp) from Rimedo Labs and Juniper Near-RT RIC using Keysight RICTest

Rimedo Labs demonstrates the integration of the Traffic Steering xApp (TS-xApp) into Juniper’s Near-RT RIC and the setup’s verification with Keysight’s RICTest. E2 procedures were utilized for flexible user-to-cell association by the traffic steering controlled by A1 policies. This demo shows the great potential of 3-vendors interoperability within O-RAN architecture. Visit the demo in Hall 2, Booth 2D12 (Juniper Networks).

Energy Saving rApp and Traffic Steering xApp on VMware Distributed RIC (Near-RT RIC)

Rimedo-Labs and VMware by Broadcom demonstrate how to increase energy savings through intelligent traffic steering: using the A1 interface to convey steering policies derived from per-UE cell association, services, and cell site load; Rimedo’s Energy Savings rApp and Traffic Steering xApp work together to associate UEs to specific sites and to switched off others once steering frees them, thus, accelerating their transition to energy savings mode. Visit the demo in Hall 3, Booth 3M11 (VMware by Broadcom).

O-RAN Energy Saving Demonstration using rApp (from SUTD), OmniRAN (from QCT), and E-Plane Test Suite (from Keysight)

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) showcases its AI-based Energy Saving rApp, designed to manage QCT's O-RAN-based OmniRAN system optimally. Leveraging AI for traffic predictions and energy saving RAN control, this breakthrough, verified with Keysight's E-plane test suite, underscores AI's pivotal role in telecommunications. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5E21 & 5E12 (Keysight Technologies).

O-RAN Energy Saving Demonstration using rApp (from SUTD), non-RT RIC (from VMware), and RIC Tester (from VIAVI)

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) presents an integration of its Energy-saving rApp with VMware's Non-RT RIC and VIAVI's RIC test solution. Employing state-of-the-art AI technologies, the rApp optimizes cell control, achieving significant energy savings without compromising service quality in realistic scenarios. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5A18 (VIAVI Solutions).

Optimizing RAN resources

Shabodi showcases its Application Enablement Platform (AEP). This innovative platform exposes network functions through user-friendly APIs, making applications network-aware. By orchestrating application requests to Open RAN via SMO & nRT RIC, the AEP optimizes RAN resource usage, reducing costs, improving energy efficiency, and delivering differentiated user experiences. Visit the demo in Hall 7, Booth 7G61 (Shabodi).

Open RAN demonstrations

O-RAN TIFG Voice/Video Over NR Handover Tests using Acentury LAMTA

Acentury demonstrates how its LAMTA can be used for RF Signal Distribution and Attenuation control solutions for automating O-RAN test cases. To achieve this, LAMTA enables complex test cases using real UE, remote UE Control and simulated advanced mobility or RF condition scenarios such as MIMO  and Carrier Aggregation for validating the functionality and performance  of different O-RAN network configurations. Visit the demo in Hall 7, Booth 7G61 (Acentury).

ORAN End to End demonstration using UE and CN Emulation

AMD, SRS, VIAVI Solutions, SuperMicro, and iCana, will show an E2E ORAN demo enabled by AMD silicon for both the O-RU and vRAN (O-DU/CU). AMD has collaborated with SRS for the software stack running on a SuperMicro IoT A+ EPYC 8004 Server. Visit the demo in Hall 2, Booth 2M61 (AMD).

Introducing Fronthaul Monitor

Artiza Networks introduces the Fronthaul Monitor which will address the challenges of O-RAN open fronthaul connectivity in a multi-vendor environment. The virtual demo also introduces the possible testing methods for RAN and discusses what the tool is supposed to be from the fronthaul traffic monitoring perspective. Visit the demo in Hall 7, Booth 7B12 (Artiza Networks).

Testing for Energy Efficiency and OFH Security Attack

Auray OTIC and Security Lab and Keysight Technologies demonstrated O-RU Energy Efficiency Test for performance assessment in Energy Consumption under OFH security attack to show the reference test platform evaluating O-RAN equipment performance in energy efficiency while enabling energy saving for O-RAN equipment development and optimization. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5J64 (Auden Techno).

Azcom 5G O-RAN Radio Unit

Azcom Technology is demonstrating the Azom 5G O-RU, a Multi-RAT 5G-NR Radio consistent with the latest O-RAN specifications. The AZR-500 is a compact and lightweight solution and it also supports LTE and NB-IoT and it can be used for 5G network trials or integration purposes. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5J54 (Azcom Technology).

Bringing ORAN Indoors

CommScope showcases bringing Open RAN indoors with ERA, CommScope’s O-RAN-compliant DAS. This demo highlights the adoption of Open RAN in indoor 5G networks and how Open RAN simplifies MNO connectivity, improves deployment flexibility, and improves the sustainability of in-building solutions. Visit the demo in Hall 2, Booth 2F40 (CommScope).

Automated O-RAN End-to-End Certification

EANTC AG, in collaboration with i14y Lab, introduces a test orchestrator for automated O-RAN conformance testing, ensuring end-to-end system integrity with official certification. The testing process is streamlined and enhanced by the End-to-end O-RAN Test Suite from VIAVI Solutions, which provides essential support for the automation of these evaluations. Visit the demo in Hall 7, Booth 7B81 (EANTC).

First Open Fronthaul CAT B Radio Supporting Pre-standard ULPI with DMRS-BF-EQ (formerly Class A) for an M-MIMO Solution

Ericsson showcases its OFH (Open Fronthaul) Category B radio supporting DMRS-BF-EQ, i.e., Demodulation Reference Signal Beamforming with Equalization (formerly Class A), for an M-MIMO (Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output) solution using the pre-defined version of OFH specification. This is the first demonstration of an OFH leveraging Ericsson’s Cloud RAN software and Ericsson’s M-MIMO radio that can concurrently deliver on both performance and fronthaul efficiency. Visit the demo in Hall 2, Booth 2O60 (Ericsson).

Open Fronthaul CAT A with Ericsson RAN Compute and Fujitsu Radio

Ericsson and Fujitsu have partnered to demonstrate an interoperable ecosystem based on Open Fronthaul Category A specification. This end-to-end solution consists of the RAN Compute of Ericsson and a 4T4R (4 Transmit and 4 Receive) TDD (Time Division Duplex) radio of Fujitsu. Visit the demo in Hall 2, Booth 2O60 (Ericsson).

Showcasing Fronthaul 7.2 and Lookaside Hardware Acceleration of 5G OAI gNB Stack using the AMD T2-Telco Card

EURECOM is showcasing the open-source OpenAirInterface (OAI RAN integration of the O-RAN 7.2 Fronthaul, the AMD T2 Accelerator card, and the 3GPP F1 midhaul split. We connect a commercial O-RU to the OAI O-DU, leveraging the O-RAN open FHI library. Visit the demo in Hall 2, Booth 2B77 (EURECOM).

AEGIS-O : O-RAN E2E and WG4/WG5 IOT tests solution utilizing real UEs

Innowireless introduces Accuver AEGIS-O, an advanced O-RAN end-to-end and IoT test solution, at O-RAN PlugFest Fall, hosted by LG U+. The tool, equipped for O-RAN IoT (WG4/WG5) automatic testing, proved instrumental in validating Korean vendor's O-RU integration with Nokia O-CU/O-DU. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5J50  (Accuver).

O-RU Energy Efficiency testing with E-Plane ETSI Test Suite

LITE-ON Technology and Keysight Technologies automate E-Plane testing of LITEON' O-RUs for optimized energy consumption.Through this validation, showcasing LITEON’s adherence to energy efficiency standards, provides a reliable reference for customers considering eco-friendly LITEON's O-RU. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5I20 (LITE-ON Technology).

LitePoint IQFR1-RU 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Unit Test System

LitePoint showcases IQFR1-RU, a compact, comprehensive test system designed to validate RF parametric measurements and functional performance of the 5G FR1 O-RAN Radio Unit (O-RU) over the Open Fronthaul split 7.2x interface. The instrument supports 3GPP 5G NR RF downlink and uplink measurements and the O-RAN C/U/M/S-plane functionality, necessary for configuring the interface between the test equipment and the O-RU under test. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5M6MR & 5M4MR (LitePoint).

Open Radio Unit RF & Energy Efficiency Characteristics Validation

Metanoia Communications and Keysight Technologies demonstrate performance verification of Metanoia’s O-RU with Keysight O-DU emulator, Signal Analyzer and Power Supply. Metanoia’s O-RU is capable in supporting millimeter wave while the test scope includes performance verification of millimeter wave signal characteristics and energy efficiency of O-RU. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5L26MR (Metanoia Communications).

Picocom showcase O-RAN end to end demo with PC802 ORANIC and PC805 5G Small Cell RU SoC

Picocom showcases its O-RU and Open FH interface, powered by their new PC805 SoC. This follows the introduction of the PC805 SoC as the industry's inaugural system-on-chip for 5G small cell O-RUs, and the announcement of the PC805's end-to-end live demonstration. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Meeting room 5M12MR (Picocom).

SageRAN Unity™ 4+5G Indoor Small Cell, SageRAN 4+5G Outdoor Integrated Base Station

SageRAN introduces the Unity™ 4+5G Indoor Small Cell and Outdoor Integrated Base Station. Supporting both 4G and 5G bands, it offers high capacity and speed, ideal for hotspots, rural coverage, and specific industry applications. This innovation fosters enhanced connectivity and digital inclusion. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5D69 (SageRAN Technology).

Simnovus Automated, Virtualized O-RU Simulation for Accelerated O-DU Validation

Simnovus showcases its automated, cloud-based virtualized O-RU SIM, capable of simulating several O-RUs and UEs for comprehensive validation of O-DU, O-CU on the Open Fronthaul interface and its 5GC. Its virtualization and automation via the Robot framework significantly reduce deployment costs and expedite RAN validation. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5K16 (Simnovus).

Security Tests of QCT OmniRAN’s Handover Procedures by Asia & Pacific OTIC in Singapore (SUTD) using Keysight Test Solutions

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), hosting the Asia & Pacific OTIC in Singapore, conducted rigorous security tests with support from Keysight to validate the handover procedures implemented by QCT’s O-RAN-based OmniRAN 5G solution. The testing, involving multiple OmniRAN cells, achieved significant test automation, ensuring consistency and repeatability. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5E21 & 5E12 (Quanta Cloud Technology Germany).

Testing 5G O-RAN Fronthaul with SNE-Ignite Network Emulator

Spirent and Calnex demonstrate how to test 5G O-RAN with real-world network conditions in the lab using SNE-Ignite, the latest test solution designed to meet stringent 5G O-RAN fronthaul test requirements. The demo highlights testing low intrinsic latency and PTP transparent clock to ensure conformance to the latest O-RAN specifications. Visit the demo in Hall 2.1, Meeting Rooms 2.1C11Ex, 2.1C13Ex, and 2.1C15Ex (Spirent Communications).

SynaXG’s Compact Energy-saving Commercial O-DU

SynaXG showcases its efficient, compact O-DU, facilitating partners in constructing an open RAN network. The O-DU, built in line with O-RAN specifications, supports Open FH and incorporates numerous O-RAN specifications within its software IP. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5F21 (SynaXG Technologies).

Network Energy Saving

Rohde & Schwarz and VIAVI Solutions jointly demonstrate energy efficiency testing on O-RUs in an Open RAN network using the VIAVI TM500 O-RU Tester and R&S RTO oscilloscope. The demonstration monitors O-RU activity against power consumption under various traffic scenarios, powered by R&S NGP units. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5A80 (Rohde & Schwarz).

World first Open RAN Massive MIMO Radio 32T32R power by Qualcomm ASIC Technology

Viettel proudly presents its latest O-RAN demonstration, the 'Massive MIMO 32T32R', a stride towards the future of 5G and Open Fronthaul. This solution, the world's first Massive MIMO powered by Qualcomm's Asic QRU/QDU chipset, showcases Viettel's innovative prowess. Visit the demo in Hall 4, Booth 4E30 (Viettel Group).


Wiwynn showcases the flexibility and the capability of Wiwynn EP100G2 edge server based on Intel 4th Generation Xeon® Scalable Processors. With O-RAN compliant 5GC, O-CU, and O-DU running on Wiwynn EP100G2, it supports the whole network for stadium, factory, mall, railway station and also can fulfill other large coverage applications. Visit the demo in Hall 5, Booth 5A61 (Wiwynn).

O-RAN demos presented by companies at the O-RAN Virtual Exhibition

Intelligent RAN demos

CovMo™ - Cloud Native O-RAN Geolocation Solution and the Seamless Transition to 5G SA

Groundhog demonstrates O-CLOUD and Intelligent RAN control using CovMo™, a cloud-native geo-location solution that detects and mitigate a multitude of challenges currently faced by MNOs including RAN-optimization, VIP-care, and next-generation network rollout strategies. Combining superior accuracy and geo-KPIs, CovMo™ intelligently provides critical insights on the QoS experienced by the subscribers.

QoS Optimization use case demonstration

HCLTech demonstrates the QOS Optimization xApp running on O-RAN SC Near-RT RIC. It utilizes QoS Aware proportional fairness algorithm to improve the User performance by allocating a greater number of PRBs. More PRB allocation is done by increasing the priority by triggering E2 based control message.

Athena Orchestrator O-RAN based SMO & RIC Solution

ITRI presents Taiwan's first private network management platform, Athena Orchestrator. Featuring energy saving, intelligent control, and customized field management, It offers a comprehensive automation solution from base station prototyping to network planning and maintenance. It also supports low-carbon energy saving and dynamic resource allocation, suitable for various private network scenarios.

Non-RT RIC Load Balancing ML Re-Training Solution

Lenovo presents an architecture to provide ML model retraining, where rApps collect near-RT RIC data to update two ML models of Lenovo’s load balancing strategy, thus preserving the accuracy of both overload and cell throughput prediction ML models. This demo validates the solution in Lenovo’s near-real Time RIC platform and E2 Node Agent Software (compatible with 5G Cloudization Site).

5G-NTN virtual resources advanced orchestration in an O-RAN platform

The 5G-NTN orchestration demo by Mobilenet-UMA and DLR, first of its kind, integrates AI with O-RAN specifications for satellite network efficiency. Utilizing a unique non-commercial simulator, it showcases network adaptation and VNF optimization, emphasizing O-RAN's role in complex satellite network management and future 5G, 6G insights.

Open RAN demos

Automation Solution for O-RAN O-RU Testing -Improving BLER measurement test efficiency with integrated functions

Anritsu showcases uplink block error rate (BLER) measurement with O-RAN fronthaul test solution, a crucial evaluation for O-RU receiver characteristics. Despite its complexity, Anritsu's automated functions expedite O-RU performance testing by delivering pass/fail results for uplink BLER measurement, enhancing test efficiency.

Implementing Security in Open RAN

Intel presents an end-to-end reference security implementation on Intel x86 based virtualized Open RAN to enable secure Open RAN deployments. It leverages security capabilities built into Intel Xeon processors to enable boot/platform security, Data-at-rest & Data-in-transit security, end-to-end chain of trust, O1 interface security and container authentication.

Intel’s Open RAN end-to-end Beamforming Cell Site featuring Intel’s mMIMO Whitebox Enablement Package

Intel’s PSG presents a functional end-to-end cell site solution using Intel’s Agilex 7 SoC FPGAs in their mMIMO Whitebox Enablement Package. This O-RAN enablement package is component agnostic, allowing muli-vendor cell site implementations. Customers can leverage Intel’s mMIMO workload and whitebox to streamline their time to market and development costs.

WNC’s 5G E2E O-RAN Solution

WNC demonstrates an O-RAN end-to-end system, with O-CU/O-DU running on a WSS3682 5G MEC slim server, supporting NG backhaul, F1 midhaul and 10 GbE eCPRI fronthaul. The O-RU is a Sub-t indoor picocell (4T4R with 24 dBm output power per Tx channel). The same system passed the third party OTIC Conformance Test and is currently being deployed in a 5G private Network belonging to a large telecom operator in Taiwan.